Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Jump in My Car

I opened a friend's ute door the other day, and Reg jumped in and made himself at home.  I think he was ready for a ride somewhere.

Good news about the wallaby dogs, Vera and Nola.  They have both been adopted out, not together, and hopefully will have a happy life with their new owners.  With lots of walks.


  1. Lovely to see Reg getting out and about.He has a very dignified look about him sitting there!
    So glad to hear that Vera and Nola have new loving homes. It's a lovely way to start the day,
    Susan x

  2. Very glad to read about Vera and Nola!!
    Oh, now I am singing Ted Mulry's song about Reg!! He made me laugh, he does look right at home doesn't he??

  3. I don't think Reg will ever be able to leave you Melinda. He has had a hard time somewhere poor beggar.

  4. Good news all round I'd say Reg getting braver and the other two getting homes

  5. Reg is such a character. Think we all love him.
    So glad Vera and Nola have homes.

  6. Yes reggie there is nothing better than a ride in the car!
    My little dog always needs a helping hand into the car now!
    Kate :)

  7. Wonderful news about vera and Nola...love it that Reg felt comfortable enough to go for a drive.....

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