Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Dogs of the Week

My heart-tugging favourite dogs this week, would have to be Vera and Nola.  They came in to the home together, with a sad background, and it would be nice to see them adopted out together.   I think they are mother and daughter, and to put it politely, they are a tad chunky.  What they need is lots of love and gentle walks, with no treats.  When I first saw them in the gloom of the back of the cage, I thought they were wallabys lol, and it took a bit of coaxing to get them to walk, but after a bit they were fine:




  1. They do look like little wallabies!! I am not one to cast the first stone and The Labradors have been, as you so nicely phrased it, 'chunky'!! They are very sweet. I hope they find a lovely home.

  2. Cute litte dogs!
    I hope they find a nice home.
    Please let us know how Reggie is.

  3. Yes, a bit of wallaby in there somewhere - sweet things.

  4. Oh poor wee things hope they manage to go together

  5. WOW! They do like like wallabies. I don't know how you go back there, I'd be heartbroken not being able to help them all!

  6. Gorgeous yet a little bizarre but certainly unique. Hope they find a home together. That's how I ended up with two! I couldn't bear to think of the sisters being split up.


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