Monday, 10 January 2011

A Day In the Life of Annie

When noone's looking.
Helping control apple grubs.
Helping pick raspberries.


  1. Oh yes, they're very helpful when they're puppies...Lol. Sweeping was a non event when Dusty was a pup!!

  2. one totally happy little Annie doing what a busy little puppy does in a wonderful to see..that makes me happy today too...thank you
    000s and XXXXs for Annie

  3. how cute, thankgoodness bobby is past that stage now ,still think it's going to be too hrd handing her back it's been a while now ;(

  4. oh annie !
    Melinda is this your way of making sure no-one adopts Annie from her foster home ???? ;)

  5. Annie has been very busy. Don't you just love her helping you out.

  6. Looks like she has a sweet tooth and is going to be a fruit dog like my Bella. At a BBQ she sits under the table hoping for dropped watermelon...her sister sits under the BBQ hoping for dripping fat!


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