Tuesday, 4 January 2011



  1. oh Annie is adorable and growing up so fast...
    there is also a berry farm at Longford just on the road to Cressy ..turn off at the historic hotel now colonial acc.called the Racehorse or Racecourse??? just a couple of hundred yard down the road on the left...it has Silven berries, thornless blackberries , gooseberies and currants as well as raspberries and strawberies..we are off there this week to pick more...
    and dont forget the PYO for $5 kilo blueberries around middle of Jan at Lilydale..Yum

  2. All that crafting and moving material about has worn her out!!

  3. well I wonder why she is so tierd Melinda HOW are you going to part with her I know what you said but weeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllll

  4. Awww! She's sooo cute! To echo Isabella - how on earth will you part with her...?! I don['t know if I could do it!
    Thanks for popping over and saying hello at Pepperberry Cottage the other day! The pups send big sloppy kisses.... :)


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