Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Annie & Puss

Annie would really, really like to play with Puss, but she's been put in her place at some stage, and is forced to keep a respectful distance at all times.  But not to worry, she'll have a few dogs to play with at her new home.


  1. Annie will have a new home?? I am so happy. She has really grown too!!!

  2. Sounds just like bobby he plays with Cama but she is one boss cat it's on her terms only

  3. How adorable, it's the same with my cat and dog, the dog keeps a distance as the cat is known to get the boxing paws out!! lol.
    I am soo happy Annie has a new home soon, you have done such a wonderful job with her, well done :)

  4. i was wondering how Annie and Pusss wre getting along
    i am so happy that she has a new home..when will she be moving???
    I am not going to ask you how you will get along without that cute little balck bundle???


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