Monday, 20 September 2010

Huckleberry Hound

Yesterday at the Dog's Home was lovely, cos there were lots of puppies to play with.  One in particular I took a real fancy to, with her soft little face and cute puppy ways.  She was found wandering the streets in East Devonport and bought in, and another puppy, very similar in looks and age was found in another street and bought in, and the staff think they are from the same litter.  I somehow don't think they will last long at the home.
Update:  at least one pup has found a new home.

Meanwhile, Huckleberry is still looking for a new owner.  I've walked him a few times now, and what a nice calm friendly dog he is.  He had his desexing operation last week, but due to a slight complication, he is left with swelling in his nether regions, so it looked as though he was still intact, tempararily I'm told.    I also found out that another of my favourites, George, found a lovely owner in a retirement home, along with Shadow, a malteze who is still on the website.  I'm sure they'll make a lot of people very happy.
Update:  Huckleberry has been adopted.  I'm glad someone else saw what I saw in him.


  1. Oh I do hope the lovely pups all find such happy homes. I can't understand how people can just abandon their animal companions?? Maybe it's because they don't see them as companions, just as 'things'. Keep up the good work and give Huckleberry and the pups a big pat!!

  2. Adorable and you are doing it to me again...

  3. great news that a happy home has been found for George.
    we always buy second hand dogs - and we have always ended up with older ones, not puppies.

  4. Huckleberry is so lovely. I do hope he finds a loving home soon,
    Susan x

  5. We too favour older dogs - the work's done for you, what's not to like! Our retired sheepdog Midget has been a fantastic addition to our family, calm around the children and endlessly patient. If only I was the same. Huckleberry looks lovely - hope he finds a good home soon.

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