Friday, 20 August 2010

Isn't He Scrummy?

I can't believe this little guy is still at the Dog's Home in Devonport, and hasn't been adopted yet.  George is a tiny dog with a lot of attitude, and isn't afraid of anything, especially big dogs.  He's really good on a lead, and when I sat down and nursed him, he just sat very calmly and snuggled.  It was a toss-up whether George was my favourite last week, or Grace.  She was the first greyhound I've walked, and is the most gentle, calm dog, with a velvety grey coat.

Update:  This morning, George was still waiting at the Home for a new owner.  He is a dog with attitude, which means HE will pick the new owner.  Anyone he doesn't like the look of, he turns his back on.  And I've added a photo of Grace, because after watching her today, she will make a perfect companion dog for a lucky person.  No matter what kind of commotion was going on around her, she kept perfectly calm and ladylike.  



  1. George is so cute I do hope they find him a special home.

  2. He is so cute!Surely soon he'll have a home. xo


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