Monday, 15 March 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

On arrival at the Dog's Home yesterday, to do our good deed for the week, we saw a notice on a door saying that resident cat, Toby the hunter extraordinaire, had been bitten by a snake last week.  We held our breath until we read that he survived, but that the cost of the anti venom was prohibitive and any donations would be welcome.  He was resting up in the cat house, so we didn't see him.  I think it was a week or two ago that we rescued a baby rabbit from his clutches, so he picked on the wrong animal this time.  Glad he's okay though, he's a real character.



  1. He certainly looks like one tuff pussy cat!

  2. Oh, he looks a little like Edward G Robinson!! Glad he is OK!!

  3. with a face like that he wont last long in the shelter...someone will snavell him up ...i adore him...tough little guy...he has got spunk that is for sure tackle a snake...


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