Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Some People Have A Knack .....

... for putting things into words nicely.  I nabbed this post from Chunky Chooky in NSW:
Do you ever wish you could talk to your dog?
 Just for ten minutes?
Ohh to have a conversation with him....*sigh*.....
 To tell him how much I love and appreciate him. How much I appreciate the patience he shows with his demanding "sister", how he lays still when she covers him in blankets and cuddles him and kisses him and drags him by the collar and he just sighs loudly and looks up to be rescued.
I wonder what his voice would be like? Deep I think.
But just ten minutes so I could make sure he really understood that even though there is a little human here now, he is till my best buddy. Still what makes me feel like I am home, still makes me smile when he chases me up the driveaway when I get home and I watch him in the side mirror and he looks so funny. And that I know he is getting a bit older and a bit greyer but that I will always look after him.
To make sure he really understood that he is so important in our family. And what would he ask me?
I often wonder... wouldn't it be great to know??

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