Sunday, 15 November 2009

Nouveaux Chiens

Today at the Dog's Home there were a few new dogs. This little guy isn't much bigger than a chihuahua, and very cute.

And this one is only 6 months old,

as is this one. We bathed a few of them today, and this pup was the most placid. He just stood there patiently and happily.
And this is the home's resident cat, a fearless little fella called Toby, with a face only a mother could love. Well not really, everybody loves Toby.


  1. Toby touched my hart :o)
    He as the most beutiful eyes and his fur is wounderful.
    I'm sure that he as his own personality, too !

  2. You are so good helping them out there...

  3. Oh i am a sucker for cats and Toby i love...he is a handsome gent...

  4. I love tobys little snaggletooth!!! he is adorable/


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