Monday, 1 August 2011

I Hate To Be a Bore, But .....

Can I just remind anyone who can, to attend this rally in Hobart this month.  It is such an important subject.


  1. Never a bore my dear. Thanks for the link to the dog's home in a previous post by the way. I really like their site and especially the practical wish list that makes it so easy to bear donations in mind.

  2. Not a bore at all. It's very important. I know I'm working that day but hopefully the rally might start early enough for me to attend. Thanks for letting us know :)

  3. Such an important issue Melinda, good job highlighting it

  4. And gues who can't be there because by then I'll be in Mission Beach, poo, bum. (Well not the fact that I'll be in Mission Beach - more the fact that I can't be at the rally)
    You'll have to shout twice as loud for me please!!!!



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