Sunday, 31 July 2011

Half Hearted

I'm not really interested in my sewing these days.  Winter was my best sewing time in days past, but I struggle for inspiration now.  A bit of knitting is usually all I can manage.  The Dog's Home, on the other hand, seems to be full to the brim with ever more dogs, all looking for that special someone to take them home.  The poor things have to spend a good part of their day shut into a dismal cage, and if they are lucky they'll get paired up with a mate to play with.  According to our volunteer's sign in book, there are days when nobody turns up at all to walk a few dogs, and from experience, ALL dogs like a walk.   


  1. I love your fabric so beautifully stacked up and the owls!! I have made some of those. I haven't done much lately either I think it is the weather. I am hoping August will be a month for lots of crafting.
    Dogs do love to be walked every day and the volunteers do a wonderful job.

  2. Your fabric will not be going any were it will be there when you fill like sewing again.

  3. Also loving your owls....and the fabric in the cushion is beautiful!!

  4. Knitting has certainly been calling louder than sewing for me lately. Your vim will come back I'm sure.

    And poor doggies not getting a walk - it must be so hard for them to miss out after being in a cage all day through no fault of their own. It's good to know that lovely people like you take the time to get them out and about!

  5. It must be something in the air , LOL I haven't had the urge for sewing either..
    As for the little doggies, my heart goes out to them..
    You do wonderful work caring for them all ..

  6. PS.. I love the owls, and that material will be calling out to you soon..
    I have been asked to crochet a mat, so there will be material all over the floor :))

  7. Love the OWLS!!
    You'll get your groove back. For now, simply enjoy the days. I haven't visited your blog for the longest time. Just looked back at my post where you commented:


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