Monday, 29 August 2011

Dog Of The Week

Bluey is my favourite this week, simply because he's such a smoocher.  He needs some training on a lead (most of them do) but sit down with him and he loves a cuddle and scratch.  When a dog puts his head on my lap and looks up at me, I'm won over, easy as that.


  1. he has me too...i can see why you are won over ...goegeous ...i know he will find a home soon.

  2. I'm easily sucked in by those lovely brown eyes!

  3. Hi Bluey, you looks like a lovely dog!! I am a sucker for a head, or two, on my lap as well. I pat them as a reflex now!!

  4. What a cutie...and a fitting name too!

  5. The eyes are so telling!!
    Bless his little soul.

    LOVE your blog


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