Friday, 17 June 2011

Reginald Update

These are some recent photos of Reginald, kindly sent to me by his new mum Sandra.  She says:  "no woofing yet but a few tail wags. A few new pictures of our boy, He has been having a good time in the garden digging and burying bones and things. We had a good time at cornelian bay this weekend, Reg even had a bit of a play in the sand, well as much as he can seems to like kicking the sand. We have met a lot of dogs home dogs on our walks which is great."  It makes my heart glad to hear that.



  1. Oh I am so glad to hear Reginald is doing so well, even in baby steps it is great!!!

  2. Reg is looking very relaxed in his new environment! Cornelian Bay is a great spot for doggies!

  3. We used to take the dogs from the dogs home to corelian bay at the weekends when we managed the dogs home in Hobart while it was still in Derwentpark Rd so I know it is a great place used to be quite quiet

  4. Glad to know that Reginald is doing fine.

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