Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Beautiful Photos

Are these photos stunning or what?  I found these recently on the net and just admire the photographer, Li Gang, so much.  They are wild horses of Mongolia.   Fascinating.



  1. These are gorgeous Melinda! I'm so pleased you put them up - I've not come across Li Gang before. We went to Mongolia last year -spent three weeks horse-riding. The horses that the nomads breed run wild all year round and they were a beautiful sight to see, time and again. We were there in summer though, so no snow. This time last year Mongolia had a particularly harsh winter and a large percentage of horses died -the local wranglers lost a lot of horses. The native wild horses, the Takhi are endangered, too and their population also suffered. There is a good organisation that tells you about them: I should do a post about our trip. It's a fantastic amazing, inspiring place!
    Great post!!!xx

  2. it's lovely to see horses just runing having fun

  3. Amazing photographs. They would make great paintings.

  4. He has captured the beauty of movement in such gorgeous creatures ...and all while they are free to do so... they must be so hardy to survive in that depth of snow...sort of like the brumby's of the high country of Australia!!!


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