Monday, 31 January 2011

Dog of the Week

I found it hard to pick my favourite dog this week, but I chose little Max because he loved his walk so very very much.  He's an unusual dachshund staffordshire bull terrier cross, with the coat of a staffordshire, and the shape of a dachshund.  He's so close to the ground, his long nose almost drags when he walks, and when he gets excited and jumps, he barely gets an inch into the air.  Cute as.

Good news this week.  Snookie is an escape artist, and will take any opportunity to find a horse or something to bark at.  He was adopted once already, but had to be bought back.  Now he's  found himself a nice home in Spreyton with a couple of dogs to play with.   And, Rubie is a very fit looking kelpie and she's gone to a lovely lady, who already works with dogs, so she's in good hands.


  1. I do enjoy your blog, and love that you care s0 much for our homeless four-legged friends. I'd love to give a home to all of them, if only I could.

    Our two dogs and our cat were chosen from various animal shelters. They give us such joy, and now that we are retired, it is wonderful to be with them all day rather than rushing off to work.

    Keep the photos coming.

  2. Such good news for Snookie and Rubie!!
    I hope cute Max finds a family soon.

  3. Max is another little cutie doubt he will be there long

  4. i have been off the radar for a good week and a bit ...i always love your reports from the dogs home... sometimes sad and but mostly a happy ending....great job you are doing there...
    we too just had a very relaxed Australia Day..loved that view from your trip...
    check out my blog soon for my next quilt...


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