Saturday, 11 December 2010

Fresh Food Education

I don't have any grandchildren myself, but I get to share my sister's, which is just as good I think.  One of the activities I like to try when I babysit, is testing them out in the vege garden, just to see if they like fresh peas and carrots, like I did as a kid.  Dad always grew veges, and we would eat anything he gave us, including white radishes.  I don't know if they taste different now, but I have never been able to get anyone to eat radishes.  Maybe modern palletes have changed.  Anyway, I haven't had much luck with peas either, even though standing in the garden eating fresh peas has been a treat for me my entire life.  I've had more luck with cherry tomatoes though.  With the modern trend of building large houses on small blocks with very little garden space, I wonder what effect it will have on the way people live.


  1. good thought what will they be like in years to come

  2. oh i am with you...that is why i have designed my house around having a veggie garden.... peas love lots of water and full sun plus heaps of chook poo or fertilizer... but anything you grow has to be better than bought stuff even if it is least you know that yours dont have sprays and toxins all over precious is that picture of your sisters grand child eating the bounty from your garden...


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