Monday, 6 December 2010

Chasing the Groove

My tree is up and decorated.  It helps me get the feel of Christmas.  I've still got a lot of sewing to do though, which would get done quicker if I could drag myself off this computer occasionally.


  1. We put ours up last night just a small one this year 4ft i know the feeling you get on here and before you know it time has gone with blog hopping

  2. We don't have a tree, not that I am Scrooge, it's just that The Labradors steal their presents and other people's too, from under the tree!!

  3. Yes it just makes me panic more.. I thought I had all crochet done and dusted.. But no... It looks like the CQ will have to wait till next year ;)) Well done on your decos :))

  4. Hi Melinda,
    thanks for visiting, the little dog belongs to my sons partner.. His name is Killer, we are great pals :))

  5. Hi i am the same dam computer
    takes all my time up in evening
    bed time before i know it


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