Sunday, 26 December 2010


Looking small and cute.  When she sits, her bum is an inch off the floor.
This is not Annie's best angle, but she prefers to sleep on the couch with her bit of furry fabric.  As she gets older, we can see different breeds in her.  At the moment it's labrador, staffie and boxer.  Next week it might be something else.  Look at those teeth.  They are like little fish hooks.
First trip to the beach. 


  1. Annie is so cute and look at those teeth!! I am so glad she is being so well cared for and loved!!

  2. it doesnt matter about the long as she is loved and socialized she will only use them for eating her dinner...she looks so happy and comfortable because she is loved...

  3. Oh my, how adorable and funny!
    If she's part lab, those teeth will be constantly mouthing something!
    Our lab is 11 months old and even though she knows its naughty, she still forgets and goes to mouth our hands when she's excited.


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