Thursday, 23 December 2010


Little Annie is doing really well.  I can't detect any ill effects from her trauma, and she has the cutest puppy ways about her.  She's a bit of a glutton and loves to chew everything she comes in contact with, like the Christmas tree, toes, electrical cords and insects.  Yesterday she had her first visit to the beach.  She also got a clean bill of health from the Dog's Home vet today.  I'm trying to get some more photos of her, but being pure black, they come out too dark. 


  1. Love your loungeroom soo inviting LOL
    I bet you have your hands full but hey it's worth it but can you give her back thats the question ??

  2. Heaps of tiring fun - reminds me of the times we put the Christmas tree inside the playpen :-)
    Puppies and toodlers in free space and we all enjoyed the pretty tree.

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas Melinda - my little polka dot dress is now a favourite to The Middle Child !
    I had a dress with just the same spots and deep blue colour, no wonder I didn't hesistate to order yours :)

    Wonderful news about Annie, she is one lucky dog to have been found and fostered !


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