Monday, 26 July 2010


My time at the Dog's Home yesterday was lovely.  The weather was gorgeous (for winter), there were tiny puppies to play with, lots of grateful dogs to walk, and some good news about my favourite dogs.  Taj went to a new home, 2 chihuahua dogs (they came with a very sad history) were adopted out together, which is what I hoped for, and a few others found homes too.  This is Sandy, a 1 year old border collie, and she has the prettiest coat I've ever seen.  She was a bit all over the place on the lead, but by the end of the walk she was great.  Must be a fast learner:
UPDATE:  my lovely Sandy has been adopted out, and I'll miss her a lot.


  1. Let's hope with the new Adoption scheme these puppies find homes much quicker!

  2. Sandy sounds like fun! Great news about the other doggies. And I love your checks:)


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