Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Meet Esmarelda

This is our newest member of the family, Esmarelda. She strayed into my cousin's house in Ulverstone, and after weeks of unsuccessfully trying to find her owner, I allowed myself to be talked into bringing her home. There has been quite a bit of hissing and lashing out going on, but it's getting better. She's a dear little thing, and she hasn't been allowed outside yet, for fear she'll try to get back to Ulverstone. She likes to watch me blogging.


  1. What a lovely kitty you have and so kind to just watch you blog, instead of 'helping'!!!!

  2. 8-) she is very cute! have posted on my blog about Princess Irina if you are still interested to take a look? What would we do without our animals?


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