Monday, 28 September 2009

Anybody Want a Dawg?

Yesterday, at the Devonport Dog's Home, I walked these guys, all needing a kind 'forever' home. Freddy the black lab is funny and sociable (he's currently featured in the Dog's Home website), the white pooch is a pint-size game little thing, who thinks he's big. They were all easy on a lead, all friendly and playful. Any takers?


  1. OHHH they are so gorgeous ...i adore dogs and cats...i hope someone adopts them soon and loves them for are so brave going to help out ...i am such a wooss ...i want to do it but i would just want to bring them all home and become too attahed and be bawling when i had to leave them there...i give a donation and take some food there every now and again...

  2. awwww... i would love to give them all a home. 8-(

    Did you see my baby alpaca in the Mercury Newspaper today (page 7 - a friend took her to church!)

  3. Me ha gustado mucho visitar tu blog!tienes cosas preciosas,espero que esos animales tan cariñosos encuentren pronto un dueño que los quiera,un saludo desde España

  4. Gracias por contestarme!,si que tengo una mascota.
    Es una perrita mestiza,se llama Lila.Un beso.


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