Friday, 16 January 2009


I haven't been much in the mood for sewing since Christmas, so this is yet another old project. My first and maybe only attempt at trapunto. I like the soft look it has, and it was very straightforward to do. Design by Annie London and Susan Karoly from Australian Country Craft 6-1.


  1. that looks really nice love the softness of it

  2. Thats a pretty piece, butterflies always appear happy, have a great weekend, Debs.

  3. I came over from your comment on my blog...had to come and see how your cat or cats include themselves in your projects :)...I see your kitty in the sidebar and he/she has that look.... :)

    Your pancakes look scrumptious and a llama. Now, is that a rare occurrence? And it looks nice and warm there! I love visiting other parts of the world through blogs.

    I noticed your cross stitch and your embroidery. I am starting on the embroidery projects or "stitcheries" as you say in your part of the world. But there is something to very relaxing about cross stitch. Your pieces are very intricate. They are so beautiful.

    Until next time.


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