Monday, 12 January 2009


Yesterday I picked some raspberries at Turners Beach, as my contribution to a bbq at my sister's house. They were nice, but didn't have the tang that I like and remember from my childhood. Their soft icecream is delicious.


  1. Summer isn't summer without fresh raspberries. Ours have suffered from the dry weather this year. The icecream does look yum, Debs.

  2. They look delicious. We haven't had a lot of raspberries and still have a few to ripen but ours do have that lovely taste as do our apricots. I love all of the fresh fruit this time of the year. I am now waiting on greengages to ripen. YUMMM...... Is it going to be really hot up your way tomorrow?


  3. Excited to have found another Tassie Blogger, seems to be quite a few of us now. These Raspberries look divine.


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