Sunday 9 October 2011

Dogs of the Week

It was a gorgeous day in Devonport today and perfect for walking dogs.  There were 2 puppies together in an outside cage and I couldn't stay away from them they were so adorable, so they will be my dogs of the week.  Jasmine and Violet are only 10 weeks old and they're  very friendly  and play well together.  They look cute as buttons asleep on their bed curled up together and they pop their little heads up when you walk past.  Jasmine has very nice colouring and Violet is an unusual grey colour.

Jasmine and Violet

Tiby was still there, playing in the yard with some small friends, and so was Deena, who was VERY excited to go for a walk.  I found out that long term resident Montali and Bluey have been transferred to the Hobart pound, so here's hoping the perfect owners finds them there.   Roy found a new home on the mainland, so he was flown out.  It really is nice to get good news before I leave.
Bluey, Deena, Montali, Roy and Tiby


  1. Oh gosh they're adorable. Crossing my fingers that they find good homes :)

  2. I am sure Jasmine and Violet will find wonderful homes. It must be so rewarding to see the dogs go to new, happy homes.

  3. I often wish people wouldn't breed dogs or let them have puppies, until the dogs' homes are empty. I never really know what to say to people who've just spent hundreds of dollars on a dog from a breeder when they could have spent a hundred on one from a pound and got love in equal measure!


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