Sunday 30 October 2011

Doggie Updates

When I got to the Dog's Home this morning, Shandy was being test driven by a couple, so let's hope they like her enough to take her home.  And Tibby was still there, plodding along on her tiny short legs.  At 12 years old, I hope someone takes her home.  She gets a bit puffed going up hills. And Deena was still there, affectionate as ever and very happy to go for a walk.  But the good news is that Montali, long term resident of the Home, who was transferred to Hobart, is being fostered out with a view to adoption.  Let's hope they have good high fences because Montali is a jumper.  But after the years she's been at the home, I hope she gets adopted and it works out for her.  I haven't blogged about Willy, the foxhound before, but he's found a new home.  Willy would have to be the strongest dog ever.  He knocked me onto my backside once, which was quite funny.  Wolfie was a wolfhound cross who seemed to get more erratic every time I walked him, but after being transferred to Hobart, he's found a new home.  Being locked up for a good part of the day wasn't doing him much good at all.

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  1. Hope they know,(dogs and humans)how lucky they are to have you visit the dogs home.


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