Sunday 17 July 2011

Oldie But Goodie

I had good news about Louie today.  He was adopted this week by a nice family.  And Kimmie the amputee has gone to South Australia to begin a new life as an assistance dog, along with a couple others from the Home.  Kimmie will be trained and well looked after and she'll have a useful life ahead of her, in the nicest possible way.  I couldn't ask for better.



  1. great news about Kimmie and Louie... that is the sort of news you want to see on the front page of the news paper instead of the cruelty that was there yesterday and today...
    i think your prediction might be right about the end of that pic posted...ouch!!!!

  2. glad to hear good outcomes. Loved the pic too.... how funny... ouch!

  3. Fantastic news about Kimmie, I cry every time I see the assistance dog ad on TV. Very good news about Louie too!!


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