Sunday 3 July 2011

New Foster Dog

Dear little Louie has gone back to the home to await his desexing operation, and he already has a family interested in him.  It wasn't sad to take him back because he is having a lot of fun with other pups his own size.

I bought home little Kimmie on Thursday because she had an infected foot which had to be partially amputated.  The foot is wrapped up and enclosed in plastic to keep it clean.  (The vet work at the home is done voluntarily by the Forbes Street Veterinary Clinic, and the lovely Dr Bob Clippingdale was looking after Kimmie.)  She is a smallish bitser with an athletic body and she just loves to run and run.  She's really good on a lead, but being energetic and not trained, she's got adhd and likes to lick.  But these things are easy to fix with good training.  So if anyone knows someone who likes to jog and has the patience to  train her properly, this is the perfect dog.  Her sore foot doesn't seem to bother her at all, and she hasn't tried to bite the bandage off.  It was really hard to get a good photo of her, because she doesn't sit still.

ps.  she has a short glossy coat and a nice little curl on the end of her tail.


  1. The poor little girl with her sore foot. She does look very happy though - I hope she finds a good home :)

  2. another cute dog... makes you wonder why someone would surrender such a well adjusted animal like her...????

  3. She is very brave and she looks so happy in spite of her operation. That toy looks like great fun!!

  4. Good on Bob the Forth vet I hope he gets heaps of paying customers for all his work at the home, looks like another nice little dog hope all goes well for her now

  5. such a cutie, wish I could take them all!

  6. Dear little pup.
    Hope a nice owner pops up soon.


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