Tuesday 24 May 2011

Dog of the Week

I've chosen Montali as my pick for the week, mainly because she's been at the home for so long.  I don't know why she hasn't been snaffled up yet, because she's just a regular dog, minding her own business, not getting into trouble.  Or maybe that's why nobody has noticed her.  She had mange for a short time earlier this year, but that was treated.  After being at the home for almost a year, it would be nice to see her get adopted.

On a cheerful note, Reginald's mum tells me that he is doing very well, he likes to play with other dogs at the beach, and scared himself when he saw his reflection in the oven door. lol 


  1. I hope someone comes along soon. She looks like a nice dog.

  2. If you add the little thingy to the bottom of your posts that allow sharing via facebook, then I could click on that and share your dog of the week with an even wider audience.

  3. She's lovely and so clever. looking straight at the camera with that gorgeous expression. I hope she finds a home soon too. Good on Reginald, he's funny to be startled by his own reflection!!!

  4. oh she is gorgeous! How old is she? Mum would love to adopt a dog but she is not well enough to cope with a young dog so we looking for a non-puppy??!!! She may be a little big for mum's smallish unit, how tall would she be roughly? I would love mum to get her


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