Sunday, 14 August 2011

So Many Dogs

Today at the Dog's Home I was shocked at how many dogs there were.  They were everywhere, and they were ALL barking.  The Home is letting them go for half the cost because they are so overcrowded and they have to reduce numbers.  Please tell everyone you know that $125 will get them a dog that is desexed, vetted, wormed, chipped etc from the Burnie or Devonport Dog's Home, and there is every size and colour to pick from.  Today I saw a lucky family leave with a gorgeous long haired border collie and there were 2 or 3 more there to pick from.  After knowing my gentle Reginald, who was a collie x, I'll be a collie fan forever I think.  He was just a perfectly beautiful gentle boy and I'll never forget him.

My dog of the week will be Rose, just because she was so well behaved and easy on the lead:

Edit Update:  Rose had a sign on her door today saying she was only $50!  What a bargain.
Edit Update Update:  Rose was adopted out a few weeks ago.


  1. Eek! It seems people have no tolerance for the 'inconveniences' of life these days. I know I had to fight hard to keep our current dog- she was not so obedient as our last one and my hubby wanted to give her up when she kept chewing things up. I'm glad that I stood my ground though. I couldn't put her in the too hard basket.

  2. Rose looks so happy too, as well as being calm and sensible. I heard on the news about all the dogs. I hope they all find happy homes. How could you not have a soft spot for dogs like Reginald?

  3. We have a border collie called Midget, a retired sheepdog, and I'd recommend them to anybody. She's faithful, trusting, obedient, loving and incredibly tolerant of the kids. Truly a dog to win a place in anybody's heart, and I believe these are traits common to the breed.
    It's sad to hear of the dogs' home being so full. Makes my heart droop a little each time I hear of someone buying a dog from a breeder. We've always had our dogs from dogs' homes and I'd never go anywhere else.
    Hope Rose finds a home soon.

  4. I had to let my dog Jazz go to the dogs home in burnie a few weeks ago....i was wondering if you knew how she was going or if you had come across her. I have been so sad without her but i had no choice. She is large black dog...i miss her so much.


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