Saturday, 23 July 2011

Woolly Worm

I'm totally lacking motivation and energy lately, probably the time of year, but I managed to make this silly worm or caterpillar as a present. It's supposed to have antennas and feet, but I don't crochet.  Weird but a one-off.


  1. It could very well be the SAD thing: seasonal affective disorder or something. I think your worm is very cute and I love his expression!!

  2. That is so cut and so simple! Perfect little project! I must make one too! I hope you're feeling better soon. We have our first Jonquil here and the almonds have flowered and the sun is out. Amazing how uplifting a little sun can be

  3. try coloured pipe cleaners twisted together and poked through the wool for anteni....
    You need some Vitamin D girl...your doc can prescribe a strong one that you take once a week...(or buy one at the chemist to take daily)Tasmanians are well known for being deficient in this Vitamin..called the 'Happy Pill'...great for bones and muscles as well...i have never felt better and it is NOT a drug....seriously girl need it


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