Sunday, 10 July 2011

Dog's Home Update

It was a cold, wet windy day today, but it didn't stop the dogs at the Home from wanting to walk and play outside.  I was surprised to see my little foster puppy Louie was still there waiting for a new owner.  He seemed quite happy playing with other little dogs and didn't pay me much mind.  Kimmie the amputee was still in the sick room, keeping warm and safe.  I spotted a light brown spaniel puppy in the new section and he was the most gorgeous little fluffy, placid soul, just sitting amongst the chaos of barking and jumping dogs, serenely looking out.  I asked about him and was told he was surrendered today, and had been bought a week ago from a market for $250.  (There are so many things wrong with that, I wouldn't know where to start.)  There seems to be a run of jack russells lately, and pups.  Other times it's staffies or beagles, but there are always more in the winter. 
Little Louie the pup


  1. I saw a whole boxful of pups on the news that were saved from being dumped. Louie is just so cute!!!

  2. It's so good you guys at the dogs home are there to care for them all in the winter, I bet they look forward to their walks :)

  3. Those poor little guys, but they're so lucky to have people like you who care so much. I hope the all find homes very soon :)

  4. My heart breaks for all of your little friends. I hope they all find forever families soon. How lucky are they to have you in their life.


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