Saturday, 11 June 2011

New Foster Dog

This warm fluffy blob is the cutest pup ever.  His name is Louie, and some dog walkers found him abandoned in the bush at Gowrie Park a couple of weeks ago when it was very very cold.  He was way too young to be separated from his mum so he's here with me until he can be desexed and put out for adoption.  Even though he was FULL of round worms, and he cries all night, he is the cutest little thing.  He looks like a labrador, but it's hard to be sure when they are so young. Someone out there is going to be the very lucky owner of a fun loving, child loving pup:


  1. Your doing great work, it's sad we live in such a disposal society. I can't imagine how anyone could think it's ok to treat an animal like that!

  2. He has the most beautiful eyes all the way down to his soul.

  3. What a cutie! Won't be long and you'll have this little pup loving life!!

  4. Hello little Louie, what a cute pup. I love that second picture. He'll be warm and safe now.

  5. He is gorgeous.
    He looks exactly like a Great Dane Lab' cross we had many eyars ago.
    Her name was Peggy.
    Pictures of her are here

    You may get some idea of how he may turn out.
    Cute is guaranteed :-)

  6. oh I wish I could have all the puppies, the middle photo is priceless!! He looks so cheeky. I wondered Melinda are you on Facebook? I have never used my account much but now am part of a group Ban Live Exports Forever and it is a great place to off load with liked minded peeps who are trying to keep the momentum going if you are not there please join us. I feel I need to chat a little most days on there and just let out how I feel about the loser opposers and what needs doing next

  7. ps I have just been checking out your Tassie blog list I had no idea there were so many lovely Tassie blogger peeps will have to try and get through the list, I just am not on the puter as much these days


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