Monday, 9 May 2011

Doggie Updates

My pick this week would be Sassy.   A little bit of a thing, but lots of energy and would fit in with most families:

The Dog's Home also had a big new litter of surrendered puppies that all looked exactly alike, black with white patches on their chests, but their tails were different lengths.  They looked adorable lined up in a row, their little faces all looking the same.

Reginald continues to get slowly better.  He loves his morning walks and loves to sniff every blade of grass.  I caught him the other night asleep on the sofa and he rolled onto his back, that's a first for him.  Yesterday he ran over to his rug on the floor and playfully nibbled at the rug then walked off.  That was a biggie too, for a dog that NEVER plays.


  1. Oh such cute pups!! I am glad Reginald is feeling at home. A little bit of naughtiness and playfulness must mean he feels very safe and happy!! He even looks happier!!

  2. I love to hear about Reginald's progress, it's sounding like each day he becomes more and more relaxed. Sassy looks like a larikan!!

  3. Good for reginald great to hear of him getting better

  4. They are such sweet doggies Melinda, keep up the good work you do with them
    Kate :)

  5. sassy looks so cute. I have a gorgeous 12year old Jack Russel and she was so adventurous when young. Now she would sit on your doorstep if you locked her out.
    Reg is just lovely. I'd love to meet him.


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