Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding

Thumbs up:
to the royal wedding, although I hadn't planned to watch it.  I have to say that I liked the simplicity of her dress and bouquet, and her mother looked perfect.  I expected to see a team of bridesmaids, but her sister looked very elegant.  Couldn't fault it really, except for the ridiculous hats worn by a lot of the women.  I mean, really.

Thumbs down:
to the guy in Banjos Burnie yesterday who picked his nose the entire time we were in there, and the other guy who passed wind.  Yuk.  Oh, and the guy who didn't secure his load and almost wrote us off when a 4x2 flew off the back of his ute and hurtled towards us, luckily rolling past.


  1. LOVE post Melinda, I think the wedding was amazing and she did look so simple and elegant, the detail in the lace was just beautiful and to also think that she also kept the work for british seamstress and designers. apparnetly the lace workers washed their hands every hour when they were working on the lace, I love the old fashioned feel of it all and the amazing hand stitching that is kept traiditonal

  2. Same thought here Melinda (on all counts) I was very surprised that there were not a huge team of bridesmaids. I loved the song choices and the abbey looked stunning. Beatrices hat, foul!

  3. The dress had a very vintage look about it, very classy! William and Harry both looked handsome in their uniforms. I think Sarah's girls have inherited her sense of style Argh!

  4. I watched the ABC1 coverage because the sound quality was far better, and I wasn't interested in the silliness on the commercial channels. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Everything looked so tasteful, but I wonder what choices Beatrice would make lol.

  5. I think the wedding was beautiful as well
    You sound like you had a bad day
    just keep smiling

  6. LOVED the wedding.... watched from start to finish! Loved the dress ... understated elegance....hated Beatrice's hat - what was she thinking??? I can just imagine what the Queen thought.... with all that black eye makeup.... AND the horrible "hat" - I bet she wanted to disown her! amazing xx Cathy

  7. I'm hoping the beautiful and very elegant dress will catch on!!
    I'm amazed at the backless low cut dresses we see in churches these days.
    Just goes to show how modesty really is very becoming.

  8. Hi Melinda, thank you so much for the add! I agree with you that the wedding was beautiful! I thought just having Pippa as bridesmaid was very appropriate and they both looked perfect!


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