Monday, 25 April 2011

For My Ancestors

I'm remembering my great uncles and father in law today, who gave up their lives and health to keep us safe.  Years ago I dabbled into our family history, and sent away for war records, as you do, and amongst the papers they sent me, were letters written by my great grandmother.  She had written to the war office trying to find out what happened to one of her two sons, who had been sent to the Middle East.  She was eventually told he'd been killed.  It was so sad, and it really brought home to me the sacrifices and sadness that war brings to everyone:
A map that was given to my FIL after the war.


  1. What a lovely post Melinda, yes very sad indeed, I have a copy of my Dads war medals and beautiful photo's taken of us with him at an ANZAC day a few years ago, but I couldn't bring myself to put them on, I don't think any of us could ever understand what they all went through do you? :) Jude

  2. A great time for reflection Melinda....lest we forget...


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