Thursday, 24 February 2011


Not a LOT of sewing going on here, but I'm making up a Christmas stocking for my little grand niece, using the same style and size as one I made for her brother.  I must have had patience when I made it, cos I've sewn lots of tiny beads to the fabric, and embroidered his name to the fold over top.  And I've got a whole year to get it done.


  1. You must have been very patient!! Having the whole year may not be a blessing, sometimes the more time I have, the more I procrastinate!!
    They are both so pretty!!

  2. That looks like a nice sized stocking Melinda. The red fabric you're using is very pretty.

  3. I love that fabris with the snow men on, Have fun stitching

  4. That is what i call and early start.... 10points for that from me...Christmas is toooooo far off to even begin to think of pressies ....


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