Friday, 17 December 2010

Some Finishes

I finished the banners I was making for presents, and the peas are finished for the year.  I had fun eating the last of them before pulling the plants out.  When this rain stops, I can plant out some carrots I think.


  1. oh how i wish ..i wish ... i was on your Christmas List....those banners look gorgeous...
    and i didnt grow peas this year..well i did plant them but the sparrows ate the shoot when they came no peas fresh from the garden for me this hooo!!!

  2. Nothing better than fresh peas, it will never happen at our place, but i do love them

  3. Pretty banners. Our eldest grand daughter is thoroughly enjoying fresh peas (raw, from the garden).

  4. we did'nt plant peas this year iether but seeing yours makes me want them hope Rosie gets some for Christmas dinner (DO you think she will see this??) I do
    Talking about that rain today I thought we were going to be killed in it on the way over then after lunch found most of the shops in the foerways were flooded as was the Woolworths complex


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