Saturday, 20 November 2010

Jump In My Car ..

I was taking little Mia out for a walk from the Dog's Home last weekend, and as I opened the car door to get my camera, she showed commendable agility with her little short legs and jumped straight up on the seat and made herself at home.  Which is a good thing for any potential new owner, because she weighs a ton.  So if anyone wants a dog that loves children, and a ride in the car, this is the one:


  1. Love the last photo! Emma looks like a dog with great character, hope a loving home picks her soon.

  2. we have a lab just like that and that last pic is priceless...she is smiling and looks so happy ...i do hope she finds a good home with kids to love are marvelous to do what you do...i am too much of a softie ...i do help in other ways

  3. Aha another tasmanian.. Hello!
    thanks for dropping by my blog, lovely to have you..
    I love the pics of the little dog, I do hope someone out there will love her...
    I am still reading so will catch up again soon.
    Pat in tas :))

  4. That's great Melinda, you are doing a great job there, keep up the good work.. :))

  5. Such lovely thing, Melinda. I shall ask around for you. ;)


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