Thursday, 4 November 2010


Update:  these lucky little dogs have found a new home with a young couple.  I hope they have a long and comfortable life.

Does anyone want two schitzu/maltese dogs?  My cousin is helping a friend find a home for these dogs, but she wants them to go together, because they have always been a team.  They are males, 2 years old, and have black and white coats.  The previous owner moved to Melbourne to live in a flat, so left them at the Burnie Dog's Home, who couldn't promise to re-home them together.  So a friend took pity on them, and took them out of the home, but now needs to find a new owner.  They have been desexed and wormed and all that, and been spoilt a bit with their diet.  I think I've covered everything, so, any interest at all?

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  1. i hope some one finds it in their heart to love them and take them home... let us all know when you do find a home for them....


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