Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Animal Farm

I happened to catch most of Australian Story last night and was very impressed with what Jan Cameron and her friends were doing for animal rights in Tasmania.   What caring, unpretentious people they are.  It was nice to see who was behind the banning of sow stalls, and to see the Brightside Sanctuary, which I was recently reading about.  I wish them all the best in their efforts.  They are my new heroes.


  1. Hey Melinda, totally agree with your comments. Only saw parts of the show,but the conditions for battery chickens etc. made me feel sooooo sad. I love chooks and to see them living in these conditons!
    Who was the polly who likened their conditions to people crammed in on a Melbourne tram? At least people have a choice, those poor birds have no choice.

  2. Thanks for reminding me that this had been on.... had to watch it on the website but it was great! Jan Cameron is an amazing woman - wish she could mentor me business wise.
    Take care, Cathy

  3. Yes that was a good show apart from the tears what an eye opener didnt ever think of the pigs till I saw that think a lot of folks need to see these things more often much as we animal lovers get so upset

  4. if only us regular people could contribute better to these changes - the masses need to move too i think. our ignorance is certainly not a good thing.

    lucky chooks ! what a way to have a life turned around.


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