Wednesday, 4 August 2010

WHAT THE .....

I'd like to have a bit of a whinge today, if you don't mind.  At the weekend, I was out in the car, when an ambulance came towards me in the distance with lights and sirens, so I pulled over and waited until it passed.  While I was waiting, I noticed that, even though the road was very busy, not one other car bothered to get out of the way, and one car even pulled out in front of it.  What is wrong with people?  If it was my nearest-and-dearest being attended to, I'd like the ambulance to get there asap.  But that's just me!


  1. That's terrible, I ahve to say that in the last few days I've seen lots of cars pull over for a fire engine and for an ambulance. I always pull over too, ditto!!

  2. I bet whoever it was had their stereo so loud they couldn't hear anything, it must really frustrate our emergency services. I always pull over too.

  3. i always pull over too... and the way they turn up their music (or noise) up so loud is it any wonder they dont hear the sirens.... i am with you...what if it was their loved ones waiting for that emergency service... perhaps the radio and the newspapers should do an article on emergency services etiquette!!!!!!

  4. hi lulu,
    a local! (we should coffee!)....
    at least there are a good handfull of us who are considerate and pull out of the roadway. i have noticed that some do not here though. i was also shocked when i hearse and funeral procession went past and cars did not stop. do you not do that here? back home, we pull over and wait till the family has passed. sadly, there just seems lack of RESPECT in general for each other today, and it makes me sad.


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