Friday, 7 May 2010

House Work

Some days I find housework to be satisfying, but other days I can't stand it.  It's always nice to have it done though, and I'm one of those people who cannot sew a stitch until the chores are done.


  1. count me in that group too... somedays i dont even get a stitch sewn because i always seem to find something extra that needs doing...silly me!!!

  2. Gosh, wish I could say it's the same for me. Unfortunately I put of all domestic activity until it's almost at crisis point and then once I've had a mad clean up I tell myself I won't let it get like that again!...yeah right!! Infact I'm very, very due to have another one of those mad moments, it's always so much easier to sew when things are at least a little bit tidy :-)

  3. Oh please tell me how you get to this wonderful place where the "chores are done"? It doesn't happen at my place, no matter how much housework I do. I'm afraid I just declare 'good enough' at times or I'd never sew a stitch!


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