Friday, 26 March 2010

Fairy Dress

I'm trying to get this project finished, but I haven't been in the mood for sewing for so long.  It's a fairy dress for my 2yo great niece.  I used blue as a change from the usual pink or purple, but I upcycled a perfectly matching zip which was an invisible zip, but I have never used one before and I made a hash job of it.  So out it came, and I'm having trouble buying a regular zip which even remotely matches the blue.  I really miss Needle and Thread.  Maybe I should learn to use an invisible zip.


  1. So glad to see you sewing again. What about Frank's at Devonport? They might have a blue zip to match. I haven't tried sewing an invisible one before so I'm not much help, sorry.

  2. Zips, are so hard to match, good luck with that mission. The Fairy Dress is so cute!!

  3. Love the colour...did you know that SewWorld in Elizabeth Street in Lauceston is closing down...30-40% off everything in the shop ...i had a great spend up on friday (will post the fabrics i bought for quilt next post)worth a trip to town ..think the last week is two weeks from now,,they are in the phone book...
    call me if you are coming and i will meet your for a hot choc at Aaj India just around the corner from there...

  4. Try some velcro - much easier for alittlie to get in and out of!! And much easier than an invisible zip (you need a special foot for them so it is not your fault at all!)_.
    Hugs, xxxx


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