Sunday, 14 February 2010

Good News, Bad News

Today was dog walking day at the Dog's Home. The good news is that Jonathon, below, found a new home. I hope he and his crazy ears will be happy there.

The bad news is that lovie-dovie Jason, below, didn't work out at his adopted home, and was returned.  Here's hoping his next family works out better.


  1. oh i was almost too scared to look at what the bad news was....i am sure there is a home for such a gorgeous dog as that out there somewhere....
    been off line for a bit ...the big move ...almost killed me...
    be back soon

  2. Jonathan looks like such a dude. Pity about Jason, but at least the people had the good sense to return him.

    I used to do dog walking at the pound a few years ago. It felt good to give the dogs some exercise but sad when they had to go back into their pens.


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