Thursday, 4 June 2009

Needle Case

I made this for my sister-who-sews. The pattern was from Australian Country Threads 4-6, designed by Ann Dimmer. I had fun picking out all my sewing print fabrics, then choosing which ones to use. If I made it again, I would put some sort of stiffening inside, as recommended in the pattern, it's a bit floppy.


  1. Very Nice....I'm sure she will Love it..

  2. Great way to use those particular prints, AND a great job.
    My sister is always happy to have the prototype ;>)

  3. what a great gift you have made.I
    m sure your sister will cherish it cheers Teri

  4. How lovely Lulu! Gotta love the Tereasa Kogut fabrics..... so cute!!
    x Sarah


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