Thursday, 23 April 2009

Ruff Stuff

The idea for this cushion came from Kaye Pyke's Elegant Embroidery book. The embroidery is done in 6 strands, so it was fairly quick to do. The fabric is a silk-look fabric from Lincraft, when we had one.


  1. Thats a very pretty cushion.
    Your cousins birds look a happy lot.

  2. love the cushion too...i di one of those corses at TAFE a few years ago and made a baby blanket with and emboided cirlce on it...but i love the cushion.
    those birds look so happy to be using their wings and those sunflowers are great for them to pick and eat themselves ..if they in their cage???

  3. beautiful cushion!! Kaye Pyke first inspired my love of embroidery many years ago!! I loved the dimension and texture of her work, you have done a gorgeous job


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