Thursday, 19 March 2009

This and That

I'm making a little present for my grand-niece's first birthday, but I've left it till the very last minute. I'm using an idea from this site. Hopefully it should be finished by Friday at 4pm. And maybe a bib or two to go with it.

For some time, I've had everything ready to start work on this smocked baby dress, using iron-on smocking dots. I've never done smocking before and I'm not sure how to begin. One of these days I'll summon up the courage.

And I've been playing around with buttons, just for fun. A brooch maybe?:


  1. Just go for it your work is allways lovely you'll do it fine, love the buttons, love all the button ideas around these days too

  2. Gorgeous buttons.
    I love smocking and with dabs stitching hands that you have that little dress will be beautiful.

  3. I love your button creations. I have never tried smocking either but I do enjoy a challenge - Go on take the plunge :))


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