Sunday, 1 February 2009

a pinch and a punch

2000 'Sun Kissed' by Robyn Beaver from Inspirations 14, batiste with madeira applique hem and yoke and tiny silk bullion roses.
Hooray for the cooler weather!


  1. Wow that is so pretty. Well done. I love the bullion roses

  2. "A hit and a kick for being so quick!" Hee! Hee!
    I love your embroidery work it is so perfect!

  3. oh wow this is sooo gorgeous Bullion stitch I find is so hard to do!! Thanks for dropping by, that post published not how I had drafted it! even a photo missing so I have fixed it up now I hope!!!

  4. Lovely to see your beautiful stitching, thanks for the priviledge.
    Certainly is good to experience cooler weather. I'm having a 'veg out' day today after all that not so pleasant weather.


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